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Our Story

The Perfect Ikigai

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At Ikigai Udon, we are devoted to the perfect bowl of udon consisting of the deliciously famous Sanuki Udon noodle. The Sanuki Udon is the most renown dish in Kagawa, the udon noodle capital of Japan, because of its signature shape and texture. Unlike other udon noodles, the Sanuki Udon is widely known for its laborious and meticulously time-consuming process to produce. The dough for the noodle is carefully kneaded and rolled to create a soft yet firm texture and then is cut into long, square noodles which provides a satisfying foundation for any udon soup.


At Ikigai, we leave no stone unturned. From our carefully selected wheat flour, to the amount of water and salinity we use as we prepare each batch of dough, we are committed to serving nothing less than our own high standards. We even take account of the weather and its affect on the moisture content of the dough in order to ensure consistent noodles by making small adjustments to the boiling time when needed. For this very reason, every morning, we sample our first batch of boiled noodles and adjust the boiling time appropriately. Before we serve any bowls to our customers, we unwaveringly take special care to ensure our noodles are in their very best condition each day. Each udon dish’s boiling time can differ.


The start for the perfect udon noodles begins simply with wheat flour, water, and salt. Through an elaborate method in which flour dough is carefully mixed and aged in a two steps process, we are able to produce the perfect texture for the Sanuki Udon. Then, the dough is attentively stored overnight to rest to be used the following day. Invariably cooked to order, the noodles are boiled until they are sublimely firm, then submerged into cool water and hand rolled onto a wooden rack. Soon, these diligently crafted noodles are ready to eat!


In short, our secret to producing our mouthwatering bowls of udon is our meticulousness, freshly prepared ingredients, and our refusal of anything short of perfection. This is why our broths are able to bring out the great taste of our noodles instead of masking or overpowering them. Both our clear broth for Kake-dashi, or Kake soup, and Tsuke-dashi, or Tsuke dipping sauce, are freshly made each day instead of in big batches where the quality can quickly deteriorate. At Ikigai, our way is to take the time and every effort possible to create our soups entirely by hand.

Our tastes at Ikigai Udon are created to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. This is why our Sanuki soup requires less iriko, or dried sardine, despite the ingredient’s famous role in Sanuki soup. Instead, we create our stocks using kelp imported directly from Japan as the the base ingredient along with dried fish such as mackerel, bonito, and round herring. To further balance and enhance flavor, we create a clear broth by slow-cooking the stock and adding two types of Kaeshi mixes including soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. This creates a flavorful broth signature to Ikigai.


In the true spirit of diligence, we would never add any garnishes or toppings which hold no purpose other than adorning each bowl. All of our fresh garnishes, including grated ginger, green onion, tempura flakes, sesame seeds, and more, are vital to each dish, all contributing to the flavor and effect. Each garnish is carefully screened and the result of our dedication is truly our definition of the perfect udon noodle soup.

The Perfect Bowl of Udon — that’s our commitment to to you.

We are dedicated to fresh, handmade udon. Our carefully selected ingredients are freshly made, boiled, and prepared to ensure that every bowl is cooked to perfection without fail. Our promise to you is a bowl of truly satisfying udon soup in which no shortcuts were taken.

How it Works


How it Works

Step 1

Select Udon

Take your tray and order your udon at the beginning of the line.

Step 2

Select Sides

Select your choice of tempura and musubi plates while you are waiting in line.

Step 3


Grab and pour your favorite sauces, spices and toppings at the sauce bar after you pay.

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Ikigai Udon is a Japanese casual fast-food restaurant located on a busy corner site in Plano, Texas.

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team can not answer.


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